What Does An Industrial Engineer Do?

Role of The Industrial Engineer

What is an industrial engineer? Industrial engineering is a decision maker and can be qualified architect firms. He is interested as much in production systems, processes and human services than working there. His main motivation is to constantly better balance the human, economic and technological private or governmental organizations.

The industrial engineer is now a major driver of technological development of enterprises, and dedicated much to the continuous improvement in the management of change and the management of technology projects.

While other engineering disciplines apply their skills in specific areas, the industrial engineer can work in many areas because knowledge and skills are multidisciplinary : Manufacturing production companies, service companies, hospital services, transport companies or distribution, telecommunications companies, airlines, etc.

Skills, Competencies And Qualifications

Here is an overview of skills, competencies and qualifications required by the industrial engineer:

  • Good skills and math skills;
  • diversified technical scientific skills;
  • Skills and time management skills;
  • Strong desire for organization and efficiency;
  • Skills management and leadership;
  • Passion for improvement;
  • Excellent communication skills and Earphones;
  • Skill and creativity in problem solving;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Diplomacy, patience
  • Adapts to changes;
  • Continuous desire to learn, curious mind;
  • Ethical sense.


The need for industrial engineers is growing rapidly. Why? Industrial engineers are the only trained technical professionals can incorporate in their work the technological issues (productivity, systems, services), economic (analysis, profitability) and human (team management, training, etc.).

At the end of your four years of study, So you combineras of engineering and managerial skills .

Systems integrator. “He works for the elimination of wasted time, money, materials and energy . Its purpose is improving the efficiency and productivity (allow companies to be profitable) , safety (improving working conditions) and quality (better service).

The industrial engineer working on the organization and management of companies.

In a production company, it will design the production lines, the architecture of the plant and all systems orchestrating the flow of products and information.

In service companies in sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, banking, hospital or other, he can design business processes, organize functions and services, planning roles, establishing shifts and distribute duties of each . It contributes directly to corporate management by ensuring that all required resources are put to optimal.

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